was a communication studio created by Luis Curti.
Our background includes a different of seminars in Fine Arts, diverse creative schools, cool hunting and trend process; ethnologist and a strong knowledge in advertising and art direction.
Bonito headquarter-boutique was first established in Palma de Mallorca. Luis and Linea run Bonito evolving it into a creative space and a consultant service for business, private clients and individual design projects.
Some of these projects include media showcases, retail and company displays as well as attrezzo for rent.
If project requires additional knowledge or expertise,
Bonito collaborate with artists, photographers, writers and product designers.

It's a process, a never ending story. It all started in november of 2009. We needed a change, the world needed a change. Nothing was or is what it use to be. We wanted to create something, something that could cope with all the new. And at the same time take care of everything around us, the nature, each others and our selves. We entered into the re-era. It's not the vintage boom or the race to find second-hand It's about giving another chance it's about change, it's about giving the chance to change, a chance to re- invent it self. Our goal is to make the world a little bit more beautiful. And we think that comes trough reducing, reusing and re conecting. We believe in inspiration, creation and collaboration.

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Tupperware Art Direction since 2003